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Online title & word indexes

List of songs that appear in both the Cooper book and Denson books, or just one or the other.

List of composers/arrangers in the 2012 Cooper book.

Short List of song page changes for folks with a 1992 Edition Book:

  • 107 Rock Of Ages moved to 451
  • 195 Worcester moved to 588
  • 269 The Judgment moved to 592
  • 393 I’m On My Journey Home moved to 207t
  • 451 Martin moved to 107
  • 488 Nearer My God To Thee moved to 587
  • 498 The Gospel Feast moved to 585
  • 504 God’s Wondrous Love moved to 578
  • 514 I Love To Sing Of Jesus moved to 584
  • 516 The Gates Of Paradise moved to 580
  • 520 Long Ago Comrades moved to 582
FYI, in the 2012 edition, there is a footnote saying that the song moved to such and such page. But if you are looking at the page where the song is now, there is nothing to tell you where it came from, and you should refer to this list.